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From sipping champagne on the Great Wall of China to soaking up the sun in Bora Bora, Angie credits her business for taking her all over the world many times over. Angie has enjoyed over 60 all expenses paid trips to exotic destinations such as Hawaii, Paris, the Italian Riviera, the Greek islands and Aspen USA.

Angie was a young secretary when she started her business in 1984. Originally, her driving factor was simple; “No more 6:00am mornings!” inspired by the speakers at a weekend conference, she saw the possibility of replacing her income, which she achieved in four short months.  Jim and Nancy Dornan’s story on CD also had a major influence on Angie and motivated her to take action. Nancy’s statement “your past is not your future” and their inspiring story, changed Angie’s belief system forever.

Her excitement grew as she realised that financial independence could become a reality.  In just a few years Angie had created an ongoing income, at the same time helped others achieve their goals, a win/win situation for all. The Network 21 Seminars, CDs, leadership books and inspiring role models all made an impact on her.

Angie is very grateful for the freedom the business affords her to create special experiences shared with family & friends. Her passion now is to continue to help others grow to become financially independent and to realise their dreams. “It’s very rewarding to mentor others, build a global asset & create a legacy. Being in control of your time & following your passion is priceless”.

Today Angie’s business operates in more than 30 countries, she is very proud of the people in her organization in Australia & globally who have developed into major leaders in their own right.

Angie enjoys inspiring people with her story on the Network 21 stage around the world, “it’s the journey that makes the person.”  Success is built one step at a time.  Each goal achieved builds confidence and the belief that you can do it, others have, why not you? Our success in life is determined by the daily choices we make.”

Success is built one step at a time. Each goal achieved builds confidence and the belief that you can do it too! Others have, why not you?


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What fascinates us is the diversity of people that suceed in our industry. Couples, Singles, Mums & Dads, Doctors, Lawyers, Corporate Executives, Farmers, Tradies, Teachers, Life Coaches, the list goes on.... All different, yet seeking something more. We're everyday people just like you. We love nothing more than sharing our success with others, and helping them achieve the same.

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