What We Do

                     What if you could take control of your life and decide how, where
and when you work?

                    What if you could decide how much you earn
and how you spend your time?

                   What if you could wake up inspired and look forward to each day
….to thrive – not just survive? Well, now you can. Isn’t it time?

    I run a global Amway business from my home & have mentored many others to do the same, all with the support of Network Twenty One’s global infrastructure, seminars & personal     development programs.  This business is about unlimited opportunity, real independence and true financial freedom.

A Few Words About Us

What fascinates us is the diversity of people that suceed in our industry. Couples, Singles, Mums & Dads, Doctors, Lawyers, Corporate Executives, Farmers, Tradies, Teachers, Life Coaches, the list goes on.... All different, yet seeking something more. We're everyday people just like you. We love nothing more than sharing our success with others, and helping them achieve the same.

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A Rare Gem

Angie Somers Interview - Empower Magazine February 2009 Issue

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Angie Somers
Worldwide Diamonds Pty Ltd
Phone: +61 2 9629 9058
E-mail: angie@wwdiamonds.com.au
Facebook: Angie Somers
Skype: wwdiamonds

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