Your Opportunity

Imagine getting out of the office and doing something for yourself…
It’s your life.
You control your future.
The decision is yours.

Network TwentyOne

Imagine a global infrastructure available at your fingertips….. leadership, mentoring, association, real people, real success, sharing intellectual property…

Imagine having access to quality support materials, meetings, and information to develop you personally and professionally….

Imagine working with people with INTEGRITY who add value to others and contribute in a way that truly makes a difference….

Imagine being part of an organisation who have their own Charity; Network of Caring where 100% of all donations go to the cause….

With offices and operations in over 35 countries and translated into 25 languages, Network TwentyOne approaches business support with the skill, knowledge and confidence that can only be acquired through over 25 years of global experience supporting Amway Independent Business Owners.

Offering a very simple, duplicatable, predictable and proven System.
Real people real success, sharing intellectual property ……





Amway Corporation

Amway is one of the world’s largest direct selling businesses powered by:

  • Brands That Do Wonders
  • Opportunities that Empower
  • Relationships that Endure
  • Global Citizenship that’s Purposeful


For over 50 years, we continue to build on the original values and principles established by our founders – Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel to ensure the passion for the business stays alive.

Personal opportunity and economic opportunity go hand in hand. With Amway you have the freedom to change your life by owning your own business.

We all need family to cheer us on. We are all members of the global Amway family – we respect and take care of each other to foster success.

Inspiring you to dream bigger.
Amway creates an environment where hope can thrive.

Happiness is best achieved through earned success. Amway rewards what you achieve, and also what you help others achieve.

Here are some facts about Amway

  • $4+ plus billion in bonuses paid in 2013
  • Paid out more Bonuses than any other direct selling company in the world
  • 55,447 people qualified for incentive trips in 2013
  • $11.8 billion in sales
  • The World’s #1 selling vitamin and supplements brand
  • Only company in the world that grows plants on it’s own Certified Organic Farms, controlled from seed, to tablet
  • Among the world’s top 5 largest selling, Premium skin care brands (No.1 in Japan)
  • World’s largest selling brand of kitchen water treatment systems
  • 1,000 patents with 900 more pending
  • 21,000 employees and over 900 scientists in over 65 Research and Development labs


A Few Words About Us

What fascinates us is the diversity of people that suceed in our industry. Couples, Singles, Mums & Dads, Doctors, Lawyers, Corporate Executives, Farmers, Tradies, Teachers, Life Coaches, the list goes on.... All different, yet seeking something more. We're everyday people just like you. We love nothing more than sharing our success with others, and helping them achieve the same.

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